Purposes of AUCPA

AUCPA is an organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the common business interest of professional accountants whose work may involve, or who may be interested in, cross-border transactions or activities between the United States and China and to the improvement of practice conditions for professional accountants in the area of accounting, auditing, finance, investment, taxation or other fields relevant to such cross-border transactions or activities.

Membership Eligibility

AUCPA welcomes every person who is interested in promoting AUCPA’s purposes to join the organization; provided that in the case of an individual such person has attained, or is enrolled in a program for, a bachelor’s or higher degree in business (including accounting, finance or taxation, etc.) from an accredited university or college and, in the case of an executive member, has a minimum of five year work experience after attaining such degree.  Different classes of members may have different designation, characteristics, qualifications, rights, duties and limitations.

Member Rights and Duties

  1. Member may vote in accordance with the organization documents of AUCPA at a meeting of the members with respect to matters reserved for the members.

  2. Members may participate in events or activities hosted by AUCPA for members and may have access to services, if any, provided by AUCPA for members, in each case subject to imitations, qualifications and conditions specified by AUCPA or other sponsors for such events, activities or services.

  3. Members should pay the applicable nonrefundable annual membership fees prescribed by AUCPA when due and should notify AUCPA any change in his or her personal contact information.

  4. Members should support the purposes of AUCPA and should not engage in any activity that reflects unfavorably or has an adverse effect on AUCPA.

  5. Members should refrain from expressing opinion on behalf of AUCPA or using the name or logo of AUCPA for commercial, sales, advertising or other for profit purposes in any manner unless specifically authorized in writing by AUCPA.

  6. Members should adhere to a higher standard of ethical codes and professionalism and be in good standing with his/her own profession(s).

Withdrawal or Termination of Membership

  1. Members may withdraw from membership by giving a written notice to AUCPA. The withdrawal will take effect at the time specified in the notice.

  2. Membership of a member shall be automatically terminated if such member fails to pay to AUCPA the applicable nonrefundable annual membership fee when due.  The membership of a member may also be terminated by AUCPA if such member fails to comply with any member duty described above or otherwise specified by AUCPA relating to or in connection with any purpose of AUCPA. 

Organization Documents and Contact

See AUCPA’s website (www.aucpa.org) for the organization documents of AUCPA and information regarding AUCPA’s current directors and officers. 


These guidelines may be amended by AUCPA from time to time.  Upon such amendment, the amended membership guidelines will be posted in AUCPA’s website.  


Membership Application 

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