Association of US-China Professional Accountants ("AUCPA") is an independent and not-for-profit organization of professional accountants and scholars whose work may involve, or who may be interested, in cross-border transactions or activities between the U.S. and China.  AUCPA is a member of the Global Chinese Professional Accountants Federation (GCPAF).  


The objectives of AUCPA are: 


  • To create a platform for professional accountants and scholars whose work or interest involves accounting, audit, finance, investment, taxation or other related field to connect, communicate and collaborate.

  • To enhance professional development for our members by leveraging the leadership and business potential between the U.S. and China.

  • To promote our members' common business interest and participate with the community at large. 


  • 建立一个美中两国专业会计师在会计,审计,投资,税务等其他领域交流与合作的平台

  • 通过提高会员的领导力和利用中美之间的商业投资机会,促进广大会员的职业发展 

  • 鼓励会员关注中美贸易和投资环境,倡导会员的整体利益,扩大会员在社会的影响力

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